This year at SXSW Interactive, we are proudly presenting three distinct panels that defy category norms, break conventions, and will challenge the way you think about brand communications.

In Sounds Without Boundaries, we will be exploring how brands and musicians can work together to create content that contributes to society, teaming up with industry experts from Vector Management, Cornerstone and The FADER magazine. You will be inspired to think about the different ways brands contribute to the arts, and how marketers can build consumer connections through artistic collaborations that go beyond licensing and sponsorship.

In a world where finding your significant other could be as easy as swiping ‘left’ or ‘right’, The Love Algorithm tackles the ‘singledom’ of new, cupid-driven data. Data and lifestyle experts from, Inc., Nielsen Catalina Solutions and NCC Media will join us to discuss how new data sets are derived as a result of the new ways in which relationships are changing, creating an opportunity for marketers to create stronger, more cohesive communications with consumers.

Does comfort lead to complacency? Cookies leave trails of information that curate a behavioral targeting mechanism but can this inhibit the internet experience and ultimately limit discovery. In Cozy with Cookies, we will discuss the science and psychology of behavioral targeting from the point of view of both users and brands. Specialists from Google and the Universities of Maryland and South Carolina join our Cozy With Cookies panel to debate how behaviorally targeted advertising impacts our self-worth and asks just how ‘personal’ should advertising get in a world where data can decipher us in more ways than we can imagine.

We look forward to connecting with those attending as well as with those following the action from afar. Talk to us to learn more about MullenLowe Group at SXSW Interactive.


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